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Impressive people

17 Nov 2017

There is all of us normal people, and then there is a small bunch of extraordinary people with amazing skills and tremendous guts. I love watching video captions of people accomplishing extraordinary things. There is a fine line between being curageous and plain stupid, of course, but who are we to judge..? LIVING ON THE EDGE!

Difference between airlines

19 Oct 2017

So, I'm quite a regular traveler and I have traveled with many different airlines over the years. Some things are obvious, like receiving better customer service when traveling with more expensive airlines, and expecting less when flying with low-cost ones. No biggie. But there is still quite a remarkable differnece between airlines within the same category, which is quite surprising, when thinking about it.

My top picks

I personally have two favourites when it comes to customer service, when all otherthings are put aside. My first pick is always SPirit Airlines, becuase the Spirit Airlines customer service is impeccable. When I find reasonable priced flights with Spirit, they are always my first choice. Also the Southwest Airlines customer service is really good. They answer promptly and always go out of their way to help even with the smallets matter. I really appreciate that in an airline.

Customer service IS important


I know other people find customer service not all that important, and prefer to always just book the cheapest flight, but having traveled a lot I have also been in several situations where I have been dependeing on customer service. All is well when you get it, but hell when you don't. So, yeah, it matters.

My next trip goes to Chicago and I'm flying with Spirit Airlines which makes me feel confident. I found a great deal and I also know that they will help put with any inconvenience that might occur. Looking forward to it!


16 Oct 2017

If you want to be successful in blogging you have to use lots of pictures. Text is interesting, but it's the pictures that make people feel attached, and the more personal you dare to be with pictures, the better outcome. People's faces, especially happy ones, and cute animals are always safe bets. Use pictures and personalize as much as you dare and you have a great starting point for your blog.

Inspiration online

15 Oct 2017

Nowadays all of us turn to the Internet for most things, not least inspiration. I spent many months on sites like Pinterest and Instagram before taking the leap to remodel my bathroom. The problem is that the more inspiration you search for, the more confused you get. There are so many amazing ideas to realise when it comes to interior design, and it's quite challenging to know what suits you best in the long run. Trends are temptations, but most trends feel out of date within as little as a year. So what do you do?

Go crazy on the details

I think it's important to stick to some kind of basic preference as a base. What still get your juices flowing today that also got them flowing five and ten years ago? Chose that for the basics (i.e. tiles and sink). Then you can go a little bit more crazy with details or things that are easier to change after some years (i.e. wall colour).

Chose decorator with care

I also recommend to make sure you speak the same language as the remodeling firm you chose to hire for the job. I was so lucky with mine - not only were they really attentive to my ideas but they also guided me out of a few traps that I was setting for myself - AND they came up with some ideas I had never even thought of. It was an amazingly fun process and I loved working with the pros at Kerkinni & Friends in Minneapolis.

The bathroom is my favourite room in the house now - I have even had some of my morning coffees in there since the remodeling project was done. It inspires me!

A good blog post

28 Sep 2017

Ok, so there might not be something like a "perfect" blog post. Some people always have to exaggerate... But, there are tips and tricks to use to write better - and really good - blog posts, without much effort. In above video clip are som do's and dont's that can be handy for anyone with a blog.


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