Difference between airlines

So, I'm quite a regular traveler and I have traveled with many different airlines over the years. Some things are obvious, like receiving better customer service when traveling with more expensive airlines, and expecting less when flying with low-cost ones. No biggie. But there is still quite a remarkable differnece between airlines within the same category, which is quite surprising, when thinking about it.

My top picks

I personally have two favourites when it comes to customer service, when all otherthings are put aside. My first pick is always SPirit Airlines, becuase the Spirit Airlines customer service is impeccable. When I find reasonable priced flights with Spirit, they are always my first choice. Also the Southwest Airlines customer service is really good. They answer promptly and always go out of their way to help even with the smallets matter. I really appreciate that in an airline.

Customer service IS important


I know other people find customer service not all that important, and prefer to always just book the cheapest flight, but having traveled a lot I have also been in several situations where I have been dependeing on customer service. All is well when you get it, but hell when you don't. So, yeah, it matters.

My next trip goes to Chicago and I'm flying with Spirit Airlines which makes me feel confident. I found a great deal and I also know that they will help put with any inconvenience that might occur. Looking forward to it!

19 Oct 2017


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